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Who are SageTech Veterinary?

SageTech Veterinary is a company focused on the research, design, manufacture and distribution of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies for the capture and recycling of waste volatile anaesthetic agents.

What gases do you capture?

The filter inside the VET-Can captures sevoflurane and isoflurane.

How is the waste agent stored in the VET-Can?

As the waste volatile agent passes through the VET-Can, the molecules of waste agent are adsorbed to the media within the VET-Can. The waste volatile agent is not stored as a gas or liquid, so there is no pressure within the VET-Can.

Once a filled VET-Can is removed from the VET-Dock, can gas leak from it?

The waste volatile agent is not stored as a gas. Furthermore, the VET-Can has self-sealing valves at both ends to ensure it is sealed when not installed in a VET-Dock.

What is the capture canister made of?

The VET-Can capture canister is made of a robust, durable and recyclable plastic, and the capture material within it is from a renewable source.

What are the dimensions and weights of the VET-Dock and VET-Can?

VET-Dock dimensions: H490, W184, D213mm

VET-Dock weight (without VET-Can): 3.5kg

VET-Can dimensions: H277, max diameter 128mm

VET-Can weight with carbon (before use): 1.5kg

VET-Can weight (when filled): 2kg



Can I mix isoflurane with sevoflurane on the same VET-Can?

The VET-Cans are labelled to be agent specific. VET-Cans will be labelled ‘Sevoflurane’ or ‘Isoflurane’ and should therefore be used with the appropriate vaporiser on the anaesthetic machine. If the user inadvertently mixes agents on the VET-Can, then the VET-Can should be removed from the VET-Dock, as per the instructions for use, and a suitable label stating ‘Mixed Agent’ should be applied to the VET-Can. The VET-Can should then be returned in the normal way through the ‘returns’ for your wholesaler.

Do I have to change the VET-Can as soon as the alarm sounds?

No, the VET-Dock and the VET-Can have been designed to enable safe capture of waste anaesthetic agents for up to 4 hours beyond the initial alarm sounding. When the alarm sounds it is simply prompting the user to change the VET-Can at the end of the current case and before the next case. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What do I do with a filled VET-Can?

Once prompted by the VET-Dock to change the VET-Can, follow the on-screen instruction to remove the VET-Can. Once removed, take the filled VET-Can and place it in the practice specific area to initiate a ‘product return’ to your wholesaler. This area should not be exposed to temperatures above 25°C for extended periods. Once a return is initiated, the wholesaler will collect the filled VET-Can and transport it back to the depot.

What do I do if there is a power cut?

If the power cut is before the filled alarm has sounded, the user can continue to use the device for 4hrs at a fresh gas flow rate of 2 L/min at 2% without any concern of operator exposure.

How should I clean the VET-Dock?

It is recommended that the VET-Dock be wiped regularly with a mild detergent for general infection control. If there is risk of fluid ingress drape/cover the device for protection.

What should I do if I have any concerns about the VET-Dock or VET-Cans?

Any concerns or questions should be raised with the practice champion for this device. Further concerns should be logged on the Installers’ Portal.

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